The Gorilla Story

A fresh approach
since 1997

Gorilla Technology was established in 1997 to provide the New Zealand market with a fresh approach to outsourced technology management services.

Feedback and anecdotal evidence showed many smaller to medium firms were being delivered substandard technology solutions and often too much downtime and risk. So we developed and refined our processes and solutions to alleviate the all-too-common pain points.

Gorilla’s approach was revolutionary – to the point where many in the industry try and emulate the early approach of Gorilla. Now imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we don’t mind. Because it spurred us on to think bigger than break-fix and continually improve.

Still fresh in 2024

Gorilla still leads the way in setting and delivering best practice outcomes for our clients.

We’ve changed and we’ve grown but we’ve maintained our focus on meeting the needs of organisations across the whole of New Zealand. We’ve kept up pace so well, we’ve been setting it.

With a strong reputation Gorilla is leading the way into making the most of technology with our unique approach, equal parts pragmatic and strategic, to maximise technological uplift and minimise risk.

And beyond

We’re always researching, looking, poking, prodding and wondering about what comes next.

As technology constantly changes, we’ll stay on top of it. Not just the geekery of it all, though we love that too. But what really invigorates us is figuring out how all these shiny new things can make your organisation run faster, smoother and more reliably. It’s all about creating a partnership that makes you and Gorilla successful together.

Time for a change?

Sometimes things go wrong, it’s part of life. It’s when things seem to keep going wrong, you might have a problem. If your organisation is in need of a change or advice, reach out.