Need Better Security?

If you’re considering outsourcing the IT management for your organisation, give Paul Spain or Greg Hutana a call on +64-9-377-8977 or contact us here.

Case Studies

Over the last decade Gorilla has helped many firms with IT Audits. We will soon be showcasing some of that experience with a case study. Check back soon for more.

Cyber Security for New Zealand Small/Medium Businesses

Cyber security is something every NZ organisation should take seriously. Why – because an internet connection makes your organisation a target to cyber criminals globally. Every business is now at risk from random, large scale automated attacks – add to that targeted attacks, virus and malware risks and ‘accidents’ by staff. Very few organisations with 1-200 staff have strong Cyber Security skills in-house so it’s important smaller-medium NZ organisations outsource management of these areas to a trustworthy company with deep expertise.

The team at Gorilla Technology have been taking care of Cyber Security for New Zealand Small to Medium Businesses and non-profit organisations for over 20-years. Even before the term ‘cybersecurity’ was common place Paul Spain and the Gorilla team were working to reduce risk for our clients. Add to this over a decade of proactively providing cyber security awareness training to our clients and that we’re often called upon by mainstream media such Newshub, TV One News, Newstalk ZB and RNZ – Gorilla is your one stop shop.


New Zealand’s best Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)?

The term ‘Managed Security Services Provider’ (MSSP) is a good fit to describe the cybersecurity services provided by Gorilla as part of our work in mitigating and reducing technology security risks for our clients.

An expert provider that considers cyber security at every step is in many cases a wiser, more secure and more cost effective approach than a separate Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) who can’t control security right across all business process. That’s because a separate MSSP is disconnected from the traditional technology services provider – such as an IT Company or Managed Services Provider (MSP) – and that increases the risk of something falling through the cracks.

Gorilla Technology is able to work in both ways however – as an organisation’s fully outsourced provider of IT services (sometimes referred to as a Managed Services Provider or MSP) and managed cybersecurity services – the services of a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

Cyber Security Audits

Providing technology relates audits in New Zealand for nearly two decades – and those with a large cyber security focus for more than a decade, cyber security audits are an area we use to help businesses quickly reduce their areas of risk.


Cyber Security Awareness Training

Gorilla was one of the first companies in New Zealand to provide Cyber Security Awareness training to our clients to mitigate the risks associated with technology usage. Our clients benefit from our constantly improving in person and online cyber security awareness training offerings – delivered via our in-house team or via dedicated specialised partners.


Gorilla Cyber Safe

Our team have developed Gorilla Cyber Safe as continuously improving set of processes utilised to configure technology systems in a manner that is dramatically more secure than the default installation and configuration approaches typically applied to technology of New Zealand’s Small to Medium enterprises (SMEs).


What next?

If ‘peace of mind’ sounds like something your organisation would value in relation to data protection and cyber security – pickup the phone now or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back in touch with you today. You can call Paul Spain or Greg Hutana on +64-9-377-8977.