Is Tesla a car company or a Tech company? | Paul Spain on TV3

In this episode of The AM Show, Paul sat down with Duncan Garner to chat about Tesla’s new cars and how Tesla is more than just a car company….. more

Gorilla’s Professional Password Tips

Your password is your first line of defence against fraudsters, trolls and other online scum, so make sure it’s strong. Here are some tips …. more

Gorilla Tech Updates Series: Alexa, Siri and Cortana- How Are Voice Assistants Going to Change Our Lives?

Voice Assistants are currently becoming the next big thing – you’ve probably heard of Siri. Now Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are coming up alongside and competing in the market for embracing hands-free…more


We love our customers and they love us! Read testimonials from those who we’ve done business with and get an insight into whether Gorilla is the company you should partner with for the best in IT services and support for your organisation. more

Managed IT Services & IT Support – Auckland

Gorilla Technology provides strategic and proactive IT support, computer support and managed IT services that deliver productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction for both your clients and staff. From our HQ in Auckland, we deliver consulting and services to our clients New Zealand wide – from Northland to Southland and everywhere in-between, including Whangarei, Wellington and Christchurch.

Peace Of Mind: Before you know you need it

As New Zealand’s leading strategic and proactive IT support, IT services and consulting team we transform organisations (both businesses and not-for-profits) so they can better leverage Information Technology to achieve their business goals. We love to assist in minimising risk and helping you use technology as a business enabler to power businesses forward. We’re the ‘one call solves all’ partner that delivers, Peace of Mind: Before you know you need it.

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