Your go-to technology partner


Why choose Gorilla?

Our years of experience has taught us that the right technologies, thoughtfully integrated, makes for a much nicer day at work. We find that can lead to a more positive outlook on tomorrow, too.

We come prepared

Any modern organisation depends on technology, and when something goes wrong, you really feel it. Our proactive and strategic approach to technology is all about positivity, preparedness and prevention. With decades of industry experience we understand how to get your organisation humming today, so you can start getting ready for tomorrow.

We manage risks

Technology isn’t slowing down, and with every advance there’s new things to leverage, but also new things to exploit. Our responsibility is understanding and implementing up-to-the-minute data security, privacy and protection solutions across all platforms. This means your data, and your business, are taken care of.

We love tomorrow

We’re learners, supporters and enablers – actively fostering an optimistic approach to technology. Because, the right technology with the right strategy can lift an organisation from good to great. We know from experience.

We’re ‘people’ people

Communication makes the world go around, it’s the heartbeat of great teams and great relationships. Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll figure out smart ways to get you there. Every good plan starts with a conversation.

Cybersecurity shouldn’t be an afterthought

Cybersecurity and privacy protections are crucial for any modern organisation. Any successful breach can lead to major financial losses and damage reputations. We prioritise cybersecurity to safeguard your business, protecting your sensitive information and maintaining hard-earned levels of trust with your staff, customers and collaborators.

Our Services

IT Services

Beginning with a thorough audit of your current technology system, our cohesive, end-to-end approach is designed to maximise technology’s positive impact on your business while minimising risk along the way. That means you can go faster, safely.

IT Projects

A successful, needle-moving project requires effective planning, efficient action and experienced operators. We understand how to own a project and have taken Gorilla clients through many scales of IT project, from initial planning to the hands-on work required to execute.

Software Development

We’ve built a team of software engineers that specialise in developing scalable, adaptable and tailored software that addresses your operational needs. We build solutions that align with the rest of your technology ecosystem, improve your workflows, and propel growth and technological uplift.

Technology Advisory & Strategy

Developing your technology strategy is vital. Taking the time to correctly align business goals with technology solutions can make you more effective, efficient and engaged. Regular re-assessments of this strategy allows for optimisation, innovation and true resilience in a dynamic landscape.