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What’s trending at CES 2024

Paul Spain highlights the prevalence of AI at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where a wide range of technology and gadgets are showcased, from AI-powered pet gadgets to transparent TVs.

Embracing AI in 2024

Paul Spain emphasizes the importance of utilizing AI to avoid being left behind. He discusses the new customisation of AI and it’s innovative impact in many areas of daily life.

The biggest fraud of all time?

In this One News segment, Paul Spain shares insights on the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, mastermind fraudster or incompetent manager, and the staggering scale of the alleged fraud. He reflects on the implications for the crypto industry and the larger financial world....

ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence and the implications for you

Paul Spain discusses ChatGPT capabilities and its potential dangers, and how technologies like this should be viewed as tools that can be used effectively to bring benefits to businesses and education.

How to navigate the future

Paul Spain shares what it means to think like a futurist, and how forward thinking can help New Zealand towards a brighter future.

New Zealand’s Space Sector Opportunity There are increasing opportunities in New Zealand but we need to accelerate this. We really need to take hold of the opportunities for New Zealand as a nation with aerospace and get behind it – that’s across private...