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Insights into what may be the biggest fraud of all time

In this One News segment, Paul Spain shares insights on the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, mastermind fraudster or incompetent manager, and the staggering scale of the alleged fraud. He reflects on the implications for the crypto industry and the larger financial world.

Meta launches Threads – TVNZ Breakfast ft Paul Spain

Paul Spain delves into the potential impact of Meta's new app, Threads, as it takes on the established giant, Twitter and the crucial trust concerns that users need to consider before making the switch.

Apple unveils Vision Pro Augmented Reality headset

In this primetime TV news segment Paul Spain shares some of his initial thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro - Apple's upcoming new augmented reality headset. Broadcast on Warner Bros Discovery's 'Newshub' on Three.

New Zealand’s Space Sector Opportunity | Paul Spain on TV3

There are increasing opportunities in New Zealand but we need to accelerate this. We really need to take hold of the opportunities for New Zealand as a nation with aerospace and get behind it - that's across private investment, Government investment, education - from...

NZTA worker’s data breach | Paul Spain on TV3

A worker in the Waka Kotahi agency had breached customer information unlawfully in 2018. The information was breached in October 2018 but customers did not get an update about the breach until recently. Information collected include - Vehicle plate numbers, Vehicle...

TV Tech Segment: Clubhouse social network and Gamestop Stock

Paul Spain talks about the highs and lows of Gamestop's stock recently along (0:00) with Clubhouse (3:04) - the new voice only social network. Paul was interviewed by Duncan Garner on the AM Show, on New Zealand's TV3 / Newshub (part of Discovery NZ).

Top three technology trends for 2021 | Paul Spain on TV3

  Technology continues to be a fast paced area and COVID-19 has only intensified that. The top technology trends to watch and take advantage of in 2021 are said to include Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Remote work including telehealth and e-learning, along...