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Less stress at work with tech tools | Paul Spain on TV3

In this episode of The AM Show, Paul sat down with Duncan Garner to chat about how we can utilise technology to reduce stress in our work lives. Listen in to receive some great tips and gain incites as to which technology tools can make our lives more productive and...

The limitations of A.I. | Paul Spain on The AM Show

Following the horrific events that occurred in Christchurch, Paul Spain and the team at The AM Show discuss the current limitations of A.I. and how it failed to detect the live video feed of the event on Facebook.

Paul Spain on The AM Show | A recap on CES 2019

In this video Paul Spain has a quick chat to the team at The AM Show about his most recent adventure to CES 2019. Paul highlights some technology that we should all be looking foward to, including the worlds first foldable smart phone!

The worlds FIRST flying car!

For many decades on end, man has dreamed of hovering cars and boards, could that time be just around the corner? In this video Paul Spain and the team at TV1 discuss the future of transport as we see the introduction of the worlds first flying car!

Google’s 20th anniversary

Google, one of the worlds biggest companies, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In this video, Paul Spain and the team from The Project reflect on the many ups and downs of the company and the impact it has had on the world during its 20-year lifespan as the worlds...

Paul Spain on new tech trends – TV3 AM Show

Paul Spain catches up with Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies, and Mark Richardson from the AM Show to discuss his findings from the Samsung Forum he recently attended in Rome, Italy. Some of the big changes Paul discusses were around voice activated personal assistance...