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Embracing AI in 2024

Embracing AI in 2024

Paul Spain emphasizes the importance of utilizing AI to avoid being left behind. He discusses the new customisation of AI and it’s innovative impact in many areas of daily life.

The biggest fraud of all time?

The biggest fraud of all time?

In this One News segment, Paul Spain shares insights on the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, mastermind fraudster or incompetent manager, and the staggering scale of the alleged fraud. He reflects on the implications for the crypto industry and the larger financial world....

ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence and the implications for you

Paul Spain discusses ChatGPT capabilities and its potential dangers, and how technologies like this should be viewed as tools that can be used effectively to bring benefits to businesses and education.


Robotics and Automation vs the Workforce The World Economic Forum’s report ‘The Future of Jobs 2020’ states that the global workforce is automating faster than expected, with 85 million jobs expected to be displaced by the end of 2025. Fortunately, the World...

Healthcare sector suffering surge in cyber attacks

In this episode of the AM show Paul Spain and Duncan Garner discuss the rise in cyber attacks in the Healthcare sector and how “these attacks are unconscionable and should be condemned by all civilized society,” Hospitals and other healthcare organisations have...

Should you ever pay a ransomware demand?

In this episode of The AM Show, Paul sat down with Duncan Garner in October to discuss how ransomware impacts real wold businesses for Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Garmin, ransomware and you

In this episode of The AM Show, Paul sat down with Duncan Garner to chat about Garmin’s Ransomware incident and how Ransomware affect individuals and organisations.

Less stress at work with tech tools

In this episode of The AM Show, Paul sat down with Duncan Garner to chat about how we can utilise technology to reduce stress in our work lives. Listen in to receive some great tips and gain insights as to which technology tools can make our lives more productive and...

The limitations of A.I.

Following the horrific events that occurred in Christchurch, Paul Spain and the team at The AM Show discuss the current limitations of A.I. and how it failed to detect the live video feed of the event on Facebook.