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Why Choose Gorilla…

We’re here to make our clients and their organisations more successful. We use Technology as a tool to achieve this”
– Paul Spain, Founder/CEO, Gorilla

When we established Gorilla we saw an opportunity to create a new type of business & technology partner – one that stood out from the pack and wasn’t afraid to be a tall poppy, or to develop fresh ways of operating.


At Gorilla Technology we follow a practical and pragmatic approach to helping small-medium organisations apply futurist thinking to gain the benefits possible from leveraging technology – and to minimise the downsides from cyber security gaps and other technological risk.


Trust is not something you can buy, you have to earn it. Gorilla Technology has spent the over 20 years earning the trust of a broad mix of business and charitable clients – primarily in Auckland, but up and down New Zealand too. We’re also trusted experts by New Zealand’s top broadcasters – that’s why our Founder is often featured discussing business and technology topics by NZ and Australian media including ABC News, TVNZ, Three, RNZ and Newstalk ZB amongst others.


Reputations have to be fought for to be gained, but can be lost in a moment. That’s why Gorilla invests a lot into ensuring that the technology platforms and strategy for each of our clients is solid. We work hard to ensure you can take advantage of our motto: “Peace of Mind. Before you know you need it.”


Great Business Outcomes are at the core of why Gorilla Technology exists. We realised long ago that New Zealand organisations don’t need technology for technology’s sake – these exist to serve the goals and outcomes that each client is focused on achieving. So you can be assured, that if you choose to partner with Gorilla Technology, you’re partnering with a firm that will focus on the same outcomes you are.

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