Cyber Security is now a threat to all Internet users driven by the large profits associated with automated, semi-automated and manual threats. A key aspect of protection today for a large percentage of current cyber security threats is in the hands of the everyday computer user. For example, a user misunderstanding that an email is fake for instance regularly leads employees to divulge access to company systems by inserting their username/password into a fake website or to malware being accidently downloaded that may lead to .

Gorilla Technology have worked hand-in-hand with our customers to develop a dynamic and constantly updated Cyber Security Training regime that heavily reduces the chance of organisations being fooled by Cyber Security threats.

We’re currently offering in-person courses and associated support services and will soon be launching e-learning options too.

If you’re interested in utilising Gorilla’s unique Cyber Security Training Programme please get in touch today or call us on +64-9-377-8977.