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IT Companies in Christchurch

Looking for an IT Services, IT Support or Consulting company in Christchurch, New Zealand? You’ve come to right place – we will help you get the help your company needs to succeed.

When Paul Spain (who grew up in Christchurch) founded Gorilla Technology in Auckland at the age of 24 he saw an opportunity to create a new type of IT service provider – one that stood out from the pack and wasn’t afraid to be a tall poppy, or to develop smarter ways of operating. And now we’re proud to be serving the Christchurch market too.


Trust is not something you can buy, you have to earn it. Gorilla Technology has spent nearly 20 years earning the trust of business and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand. We would love the opportunity to get to know you and demonstrate how Gorilla can make your Christchurch organisation or office more successful.


Reputations have to be fought for to be gained, but can be lost in a moment. That’s why Gorilla invests a lot in ensuring that the technology platform and strategy for each of our clients is solid. We work hard to ensure you can take advantage of our motto: “Peace of Mind. Before you know you need it”.

And it’s no surprise that Gorilla Technology’s founder and CEO is regularly interviewed on TV, radio and podcasts – because we’ve built a reputation for having our finger on the pulse.


Business Outcomes are the core of why Gorilla Technology exists. We realised long ago that New Zealand organisations don’t need technology for technology’s sake – it exists to serve the goals and outcomes that each organisation is focused on. So you can be assured, that if you choose to partner with Gorilla Technology, you’re partnering with a company that will focus on the same things you are.

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